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A marine corridor in the Philippines teeming with biodiversity, akin to an Amazon of the oceans,

faces grave perils - no thanks to fossil fuels.

Video by Boogs Rosales

Disaster in Paradise: Oil Spill in the Verde Island Passage

On February 28, a tanker carrying 800,000 liters of industrial oil capsized off the coast of Oriental Mindoro - one of five provinces encompassed by the Verde Island Passage. The resulting oil spill has by now sent several coastal communities under a state of calamity, robbed thousands of their food and livelihoods, and caused health problems among affected areas. Urgent action and accountability is needed for communities and critical biodiversity.

Photos by Jilson Tiu for CEED


As if it has not done more than enough damage as a carbon major culprit to the intensifying climate crisis, Shell is now also building an LNG Import Terminal Project along the Verde Island Passage.

There’s no mistaking it: we do not want

Shell’s LNG on our shores.

We want Shell out of VIP!

During the first week of COP 27 on November 8 we are calling out Shell for fueling the climate crisis and wreaking destruction to VIP.

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