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Community mural in the spirit of bayanihan, one year after the Mindoro oil spill

February 28, 2024 marks the first year since the massive oil spill in Mindoro. Together with Protect VIP, Center for Energy, Ecology, and Development (CEED), youth, church, fisherfolk, and members of the community, we commemorated this day with a mural.

This is a community effort that reflects the spirit of bayanihan - similar to how fisherfolk combine their strength to carry their boat to the shore to start a day of fishing. This is togetherness and unity - in tragedy and until they achieve victory.

Almost one year of almost no fishing in Mindoro, billions of pesos and opportunities are cut because of the oil spill in the Verde Island Passage.

The town and fisherfolks remain hopeful that they will be compensated by the polluters responsible for the damages estimated to be at Php 41.2 billion.

May this mural be a beaming hope that shines until justice is brought to all the lives affected.

Photos by: Jilson Tiu for Protect VIP / CEED



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