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#KamiAngVIP: From Rosie, a fish vendor of Pola, Oriental Mindoro

According to the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, the oil spill in Oriental Mindoro is causing the fishing industry to suffer losses amounting to P19 million every day. This staggering figure illustrates the immense impact on the livelihoods of individuals in the fishing sector.

Rosie Jaqueca, a fish vendor residing in the town of Pola, shares hardships they face as a result of the oil spill and calls for urgent response for the disruption in their livelihood.

“Ako po si Rosie Jaqueca, nanghihingi ng kaunting tulong [sa] kakulangan sa aming hanap-buhay. Kami po ay malaking apektado sa [oil spill] na ito. Ang mga anak ko po ay kailangang kailangan po ng inyong ayuda.”

(“I am Rosie Jaqueca, humbly seeking help for our income losses. We are greatly affected by this devastating oil spill. My children are in desperate need of your help.”)

Rosie's story is just one among the many impacted lives brought by the oil spill. For families like Rosie’s, the effects of the tragedy are dire, leaving them with no choice but to grapple with uncertainty and face financial strain.

Protect VIP stands together with the countless families affected by the oil spill in Oriental Mindoro, and joins the call for immediate action from the polluters to take accountability and compensate for their negligence that resulted in this tragedy.



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