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This is the state of the Mindoro oil spill now

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Last June 17, 2023, the Philippine Coast Guard announced that the oil spill recovery operations are ‘completed’, congruent with the promise of President Bongbong Marcos that the Mindoro oil spill will be resolved in under four months.

Protect VIP recently documented the current state of the oil spill this July at Pola, Oriental Mindoro, the ground zero of the said disaster.

These photos highlight that the oil spill is still unresolved. It is clear that the damages inflicted are still existing – oil residues are still present, coastal communities are still suffering, fisherfolks are still struggling to make ends meet, and no one is still being held accountable.

The gallery was presented during the State of the Oil Spill Press Conference on July 19, 2023 at Pola, Oriental Mindoro. Watch the full press conference here.



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